CFII – Flight Instructor Instrument

Flight InstructoR INSTRUMENT in Just 4 DAYS (ADD ON)

Save BIG and add CFII to your Flight Instructor credentials in just 4 days!

Flight Instructor Instrument - CFII

This is an add on course to an existing Flight Instructor certificate. The total duration is 4 days and includes the checkride completion. 

Checkride is scheduled and completed on the 4th day

Most airline pilots and other professional pilots have “cut their teeth” as flight instructors. There is really no other better option than being a flight instructor to gain all that experience and flight time necessary to advance on to the other professional pilot careers, like airline pilot jobs.


  • A current FAA Certificated Flight Instructor certificate with Airplane Category (ASE or AME)
  • A minimum of class III medical certificate, valid. Basic Med is acceptable.
  • FII written exam passed (preferred, but not required).

Course Structure

Our CFII add on course is pretty straight forward – we will train you over the course of 3 days and get you ready for the Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane practical test. Ground and Flight Instruction is provided by qualified and experienced instructors. Lesson plans and reference materials is included in the ground portion of this course.

Typical Training Day

A typical training day includes 2 ground training sessions and 1 or 2 flight training sessions. 


In most cases the CFII applicants will take their checkride with a local Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) on the 4th day. 

CFII | Instrument CFII
CFII Add On Course

Save BIG vs Other CFI Schools

Simple and transparent pricing. No hidden surprises. Ever.

Standard CFII Add on

CFII add on existing CFI
(CFII as initial CFI is available)
$ 4000
  • CFII Ground School (Upto 20 hours)
  • Dual - Right seat CFII Training (upto 8 hours included)
  • Pre-Post briefings and Lesson Plans, Reference Materials
  • Rental (2 hours) for CFII Checkride


CFI ASE (Initial Issue) - Single Engine
Plus CFII (Add On)
$ 9900
  • Includes everything in Standard CFI ASE
  • Includes everything in Standard CFII Add on
  • Rental (2 hours each) for CFI and CFII Checkride
  • Saves $500 as a package
  • 4 weeks duration

Standard CFI AME

CFI AME (Initial Issue) - Multi Engine
(Beech Duchess)
$ 8500
  • Ground School (upto 80 Hours)
  • Beechcraft Duchess (8 Hours) - Right seat CFI Training
  • Spin Training
  • Pre-Post briefings and Lesson Plans, Reference Materials
  • Rental (2 hours) for CFI AME Checkride

Additional Costs (as applicable)