CFI Academy
Flight Instructor

CFI Academy is a flight instructor training institute specializing in training CFI, CFII and MEI applicants.  Established in 1998, and that is 20 years of experience!

We believe that by keeping ourselves focused and involved in the CFI courses exclusively, we do a much better job. This helps us preparing our applicants for the FAA practical test (checkride) better.

This equates to more efficient training system resulting in better quality graduates, while keeping the training costs at the optimum level. And no distractions for anyone involved.

Our entire infrastructure is optimized to do one thing; train the highest quality Flight Instructors in a short amount of time.

Many flight schools now have a “CFI ACADEMY”, but we are The CFI Academy!

You have invested thousands so far to come this far in your career. And a lot of time. Then why not come to the best possible place to train for the position which is highly rewarding. And comes with a lot of responsibility.

We have excellent location, on-site housing, perfect weather, great instructors and available examiners.

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CFI AcademyOther "CFI Academies"Remarks
Teaching CFI courses - exclusively, since 1997Either relatively new; trying to compete with us, or simply another flight schoolCFI training is unique, and the methods used to teach other pilot courses are not sufficient
On-campus housing available - custom built buildingOn-campus student housing is not available.Read about the advantages of On-site student housing
3 Weeks - Including checkride2-3 weeks of training, and then weeks if not months waiting for checkridesTruly a 3 week accelerated CFI program
No hidden or additional costsCourse is advertised at a certain rate, with high probability of additional costsFixed cost ground school. Most applicants finish within advertised cost. Flat rate guaranteed packages available
Learn from our experience - over 20 years of experience teaching CFIsAs most instructors move on with the airlines fairly quickly nowadays, it is almost impossible to find experienced instructorSelf explanatory
24 hours immersionWasted time in commuting from housing to classroom, and from airport to practice areaOur practice area is all around our airport

CFI Academy Courses

Read our Courses page for detailed course information. Highlights of courses offered at CFI Academy are as follows:

Visit our Courses page for a complete course information and related information.