CFI Academy
Flight Instructor

We are CFI Academy (since 1998) – training FAA Certificated Flight Instructors for over 20 years now.

Maintaining focus and staying dedicated to teaching CFI courses exclusively for this long, we really are the experts in Flight Instructor Training business.

You have already invested thousands in money and time so far to come this far in your career. Then why not come to the EXPERTS in the field to train for the most demanding and challenging checkride you will ever take!

Training Flight Instructors is not the same as training Pilots. Totally 2 different skill sets. And by doing this for over 20 years, we have in-fact honed this skill.


CFI AcademyOther “CFI Academies”
Teaching CFI courses – exclusively, since 1998 i.e. “specialist” in the field.Long list of courses, mostly pilot training courses, and CFI is just one of them.
On-campus housing – custom built – means total immersion for 3 weeks, and no distrations.On-campus student housing is not available. Rent expensive motel rooms, rental cars, and wasted time commuting.
From course start date to checkride completion – 3 weeks. Advertised as accelerated CFI – 7 days, 10 days, 14 days, etc. Fine Print – upon completion of the course you will be “eligible” for the checkride. 😉
Flat Rate Ground School – the biggest variable in the training cost for CFI. Posted rates include a limited time of ground instruction. Once used, hourly billing.
Learn from our experience – over 20 years of experience teaching CFIsAs most instructors move on with the airlines fairly quickly nowadays, it is almost impossible to find experienced instructor
BATTLE TESTED, Proven, Effective, and Highest Quality. We take great pride in training new CFIs.Limited in scope – enough to get your signed off.

CFI Academy Courses

Read our Courses page for detailed course information. Highlights of courses offered at CFI Academy are as follows:

Visit our Courses page for a complete course information and related information.