Be a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) in 3 Weeks or Less

We prepare you to pass your CFI Checkride within 2 weeks and schedule your Checkride for the 3rd week with an on-site DPE (examiner). Just about 100% of our students have passed their Checkride within 3 weeks in the last 12 months. That’s because we teach you the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of flight so that you grasp and can teach the concepts to your students instead of just memorizing for an exam.

From $6,500

THE CFI Academy difference

Personalized Lesson Plans and Coaching

Just as a fitness coach customizes your workout, monitors your daily progress and makes adjustments on the fly - we do the same for your CFI training.

Learn the 'Why' Behind Everything

Other schools teach you to memorize just enough to pass your test. We teach the 'why' behind flight, safety, and regulations so that you retain that knowledge for life.

Explain the 'Why'

Your training at CFI Academy is not done until you can explain the 'why' of flight, safety, and regulations to a 9 year old in plain simple language.

Training at Your Own Pace

You can take the accelerated route in finish your CFI training in little as two weeks or you can take up to six weeks to go through the course at no additional cost aside from room and boarding.

Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

Your instructor works with to you identify weaknesses from your previous pilot training and works with you to fix the knowledge gap so that you leave CFI Academy as an elite pilot and instructor.

Just did my MEI add on for CFI renewal. This school is by far (of the many I’ve seen nationwide) the best experience I’ve ever had. To be clear it is no big soul sucking 141 place – it is a quiet, cozy, well run place that will give you more value than you can imagine. Prince is a dedicated mentor, instructor, guide, and friend who will help you overcome any hurdle you may face in your CFI process.

Adam Webster

CFI Academy graduate

Cost Effective On-Campus Housing

Stay in on-campus dorms, camp in on-campus camp site, or bring your RV/motor-home. There are also many options for off-site hotels and housing nearby.

On-campus Housing

Comfortable single or shared dorms with individual loft bed, desk, chair and storage areas. Also includes a common kitchen, showers, and bathrooms. The cost is just $300/week.

On- Campus Camp Site & RV Access

Bring your RV/motorhome or camp outside and use our bathrooms and showers.

RV Parking
Lodi Hotels

Hotels within a Few Miles

Hotels starting from $80/night are located within a few miles.

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Do you offer financial aid?

There are several ways to finance your CFI training including loans, government assistance, and tuition reimbursement. We’ll help you find the right solution during your free consultation.

do i need TSA Clearance to attend CFI acamedy?

TSA clearance is required for “Pilot” training courses. Flight Instructor is a separate certificate. So, no, TSA clearance is not required for any Flight Instructor rating; CFI, CFII or MEI.

do you accept foreign students?

Yes, we do accept foreign students. Please contact us to talk about your specific immigration status.

What are the prerequisites for CFI?

  • A current FAA Commercial Pilot certificate (or ATP) with Airplane Category (ASEL or AMEL)
  • A minimum of class III medical certificate, valid. Basic Med is acceptable.
  • FIA and FOI exam passed (preferred, but not required), or Ground Instructor in lieu of FOI.