CFI Academy exclusively trains future teachers of aviation – FAA Certified Flight Instructors. The courses offered are:

Courses Offered
Certificated Flight Instructor - CFI (ASE/AME)
Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane (CFII)
Flight Instructor Multi Engine (MEI) - Add on
Flight Instructor Reinstatement Course
Commercial Plus CFI Combination
Flight Review (aka BFR), Instrument Proficiency (IPC)
Ground Instructor (AGI) or (IGI)
10 Day Instrument Rating Course
Multi Engine Add on - Private or Commercial
Other/Custom courses

You can click on the link to the course you are interested in and get detailed information about the course, the course schedule and training costs. We do not claim our courses to be accelerated CFI courses, however you will see that the course duration for each course is structured to train applicants to much higher standards than the bare FAA minimum standards, and include the practical knowledge, application and safety related training at competitive pricing compared to our competition.

You should read our training philosophy and our mission statement as well to better understand our service and training quality.

If for some reason you do not find an answer to something, or need some sort of custom course structure, you can always contact us here. If we can not provide you with what you are looking for, maybe we can recommend someone who can.