TCCA to FAA pilot conversion

Conversion of Canadian TCCA Pilot License to FAA Pilot Certificate

Canadian Pilot and Flight Instructor to FAA CFI Certification

The FAA and Canada signed a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) back in 2008. This agreement was eventually expanded in 2014. BASA allows the Canadian pilots to easily obtain a US FAA issued pilot certificate, and vice-versa. The process is explained in detail in FAA’s Advisory Circular (AC 61-135A) but here is the short version.

TCCA to FAA conversion

If you hold a Transport Canada Civil Aviation Authority (TCCA) issued pilot’s license, then the process to obtain an FAA issued pilot’s certificate is fairly simple. 

STEP 1 – Apply with the FAA for the verification of your TCCA issued pilot’s license. Here is the link.

STEP 2 – Obtain an FAA Medical Certificate (minimum required is Class III). This process can be completed at your TCCA authorized medical examiner – the same doctor that does your Canadian medical.

STEP 3 – Take the appropriate written exams at the approved testing sites. These are multiple choice type exams and there are many online test prep sites available to help you with this.

STEP 4 – Make and appointment and visit your nearest FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) and get your FAA pilot certificate and/or rating – Temporary Airman Certificate.

FAA CFI certificate (Flight Instructor) does not have any such provisions for conversion from Canada or from any other country. You much meet the requirements of 14 CFR 61.183 and then take a practical test to earn your CFI certificate. CFI Academy can help you with process. The duration for Canadian Flight Instructor’s training and testing here with us is about 2 weeks.  

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3 Responses

  1. So there is no way to convert an FAA CFI rating to a Canadian Flight instructor rating too correct?
    But if I possess an FAA CFI rating and would want to be a flight instructor in Canada, do I need to do the entire Training and Ground School process again or would the process be much shorter and simpler since I already am an experienced CFI?
    Please do help with my query

    1. No. The process is available to convert the CPL, but not the CFI. You should contact some flight schools in Canada to learn about the process. We can help you here in the US if you were seeking FAA CFI. Thank You.

  2. Hi Prince,

    Thank you first of all, this is very informative.

    I graduated from Canada I already have all the certificates (PPL,CPL,etc) if I’m going to convert it to FAA will I convert every single certificate or will I just take 1 exam for all?

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