Flight Instructor Airplane Single Engine (CFI – ASE)

Other than the desire and focus, to be eligible for the CFI certificate, one needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a current and valid FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate (or ATP), with Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) rating, and Instrument Airplane rating.
  • Hold a current and valid, minimum class III FAA Pilot Medical Certificate.
  • FAA knowledge test passed – Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI).
  • FAA knowledge test passed – Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA).
  • Required ground and flight training from an authorized instructor towards preparation for practical test.
  • Received and logged Spin Training at instructional proficiency level.
  • And finally, pass the CFI ASE practical test.

Flight Instructor Airplane Multi Engine (CFI – AME)

If you are looking to get your CFI (initial) issued on a multi-engine airplane, in that case you will need all of the above, and an Airplane Multi Engine Land (AMEL) rating on your Commercial or ATP. You may or may not have an ASEL rating on your Commercial.

Remember one thing though, if your CFI (initial) is issued with a AME rating, you will limited to teaching only in a multi-engine airplane, unless and until you add a ASE rating to your CFI certificate. And another thing is it is not very easy to get a job teaching in a multi-engine airplane exclusively, unless of course you have plenty of multi-engine PIC time.

We do offer time-building packages on our multi-engine airplane, but it is limited for people who train with us for their Flight Instructor course(s). You should contact us to get a price quote based on your specific needs.

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