IASCO in Napa and Redding, CA needs Flight Instructors

IASCO, a Japan Airlines flight training partner, has 2 locations in CA – Napa and Redding. IASCO is always hiring Flight Instructors for both locations. Even though the hiring minimums for the CFI position is 500 hours total flight time, the job pays very well, and includes all the premium benefits, like medical, dental, retirement, paid holidays, and above all, a Monday through Friday work schedule.
If you work at IASCO as a flight instructor, do not expect to rack up flight time overnight. This job is not for a fast track time builder. Most flight instructors there fly about 2 flights a day, which is about 2-3 hours of dual given. However the pay scale starts at about $50K and maxes out at about $78K. Not bad for someone who wants to take on flight instructing as a full time career.
There are many other internal advancement opportunities as well. Remember, IASCO is one of the leading crew leasing organization in the world.
Click here to visit their employment page and get more information on their current CFI job openings.