Multi Engine Add on and MEI combination course

Multi- Engine add on course includes ground school and flight training. Multi-add on flight training can vary from anywhere between 5 hours to 10 hours dual. Other flight schools can take upto even 20-25 hours. At 10 hours of dual, you are looking at a flight training cost of $3000 ($300/hour), and possibly another $1000 for the ground school; totaling to about $4000.

Then, 15 hours PIC are needed to qualify for MEI. This is an additional cost of about $4500, plus ground training.

Considering, some people need more training time to get their multi-engine add on, we are offering (limited time only) both courses at a flat rate of $8,000.

This means, we will keep training you, ground and flight, until you get both the ME add on and the MEI ratings. On flat fixed cost for you. We are confident about our teaching skills, and this is why we can offer such a sweet deal.

Plan for a week to 10 days for both courses.

No cost for additional training, in case you do not pass on the first attempt! We do have an almost 100% passing score on our multi-engine courses.

On-Campus housing ā€“ Free

DPE fee ā€“ $600/checkride

CFII and MEI Combination Course

Note: If you do not have 15 hours PIC required to qualify for an MEI checkride, you definitely should consider our CFII plus MEI combo course. Instead of renting a multi-engine airplane to meet the MEI course pre-requisites, you can use this same 10 hours towards your CFII flight training.

CFII and MEI combination

CFII and MEI combo

This way you can better use the 10 hours multi-engine rental time (instead of just flying around), and save on renting a single engine for your CFII separately.

Airplane Rental cost comparison

The CFII course is 10 hours of SE airplane rental and the cost is $1100

The MEI course is 7 hours of ME airplane rental and the cost is $1750 (the pre-requisites is 10 hours ME PIC)

So, the total cost is $2850. The additional 10 hours of ME rental for time-building (special rate for CFI course students) is $250/hour, which is a total of $2500. This brings the total cost of CFII + MEI + 10 ME PIC to $5350.

The ground school and instruction time etc remain the same in any case, so we are not worrying about it here for this discussion.

Now, if someone were to get their CFII and MEI combo with CFI Academy, this would be the total cost:

Total 17 hours of ME airplane rental (for both CFII and MEI training) $4250

Plus 2 additional hours of flight instruction $100

Total cost of CFII + MEI + ME PIC time aircraft rental = $4350.


  • There is a savings of $1000 in airplane rental costs if someone does their CFII, MEI and the 10 hour ME PIC together as a combination course with us.
  • You obtain better value for the multi-engine time, and use the time to learn and practice instrument maneuvers and procedures in a multi-engine airplane.
  • At the end, you will be much more proficient in the multi-engine compared to if you were to do the courses individually.
  • Many DPEs will subsidize the cost of the checkride, i.e. your CFII and MEI checkride will be all in one checkride, so instead of paying for 2 separate checkrides, you just pay for enhanced one. Possibility of saving another $200 here.

If this is something youā€™d want to consider, and have any questions, or require more information, you should contact us right away.