Accelerated CFI Program

Accelerated CFI Program

The Accelerated CFI Training Course is a fast paced flight and ground training program where both the applicant and the assigned Flight Instructor dedicate their full time and effort towards the common goal: preparing the CFI applicant to achieve the required aeronautical experience and knowledge levels prescribed within the FARs and the CFI Practical Test Standards (PTS), in a shorter than normal period of time.

Accelerated CFI Course
Accelerated CFI Course - Small Class Size

Is it Truly Accelerated?


Assigned Instructor Responsibilities

The instructor assigned to teach the flight instructor applicant dedicates his or her entire work day (which is mostly 8-10 hours per day) instructing the applicant on required area of operations. This instructor is exclusively assigned to the training program and does not have any other obligations, students, or job duties. Here at CFI Academy, as we do not teach any other pilot courses, there are no distractions for us. This is one of the benefits of doing your CFI training at an exclusive flight instructor academy.

Accelerated Course Applicant Responsibilities

To achieve maximum benefit (which is shorter training duration in this case) the applicant has to dedicate his or her entire focus, dedication, and energy each day, and work very hard to learn everything necessary as quickly as possible. The instructor is capable to teaching only as fast as the student is capable to learning and retaining the knowledge. The pace of the accelerated program is heavily dependent on the applicant’s own progress.

What to Expect

The CFI aeronautical knowledge portion (ground training) can easily take about 60 hours, and the skill (flight) portion is about 10 hours flight time plus pre and post flight briefings. So we can easily assume 20 hours for the flight portion. This adds up to about 80 hours (remember, its not the hours, its the successful transfer of information from instructor to student) of hard work. And we do all this in 2 weeks. With discipline and focus, this is an achievable task, and has been done many a times by many applicants ahead of you.

What Not to Expect

CFI certificate comes with a lot of responsibilities. Teaching others how to fly is not only fun, but challenging as well. And if not done properly can lead to undesirable events (and FAA actions, or more). Providing adequate instruction is a learned skill. Therefore, do not expect to get a sign-off from your instructor at the end of 2 weeks just because you have completed the 2 weeks and we said it would be 2 weeks. Read the 2 objectives above again. And also do not expect any FAA inspector or DPE to write you a temporary CFI certificate as well, just because you spent 2 weeks here with us in Sacramento.

What Helps

Even though it is not a requirement, try to come over with your CFI knowledge tests pass – both the Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA) and the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI). This will definitely help reducing your workload and gain more in the 2 weeks. We will have extra time to spend on other areas where you can use some extra help. You may also want to consider showing up here the weekend before the course start date (course starts Mondays, you show up here the Fridays before) and go through our CFI knowledge test prep course. 3 intensive days of FIA and FOI preparation, and by Monday you will have both the exams out of the way.

If you decide to prepare for these 2 exams on your own, and take the actual tests here at our location, just let us know ahead of time so we can arrange all that for you. All in all, it really helps if you have the tests out of the way before we begin.

CFI Academy’s Flight Instructor Course (CFI) – The True Accelerated Course – but to us, it is our legendary 3 week CFI Course

June 2017 CFI Course Schedule

1st session Start Date – June 5th (3 weeks) Completion By June 25th

Flight Instructor Course

2nd session Start Date – June 19th (3 weeks) Completion By July 9th

Course duration is 3 weeks, and this INCLUDES the checkride (practical)

Housing is available on-campus, and a rental car is not necessary. Laundry, kitchen and a restaurant are available on-campus.

Course cost is approximately $4500, plus $600 housing and $600 DPE fee. Click here for CFI Course detailed information.

Guaranteed Rate – Fixed Price courses are available.

Class size is limited. No upfront deposit is required. Complete Application Form for enrollment.

Call us at 916 209 0234 or complete the contact form on the right to contact us for further details.

Flat Rate – Flight Instructor (CFI) course – $5200

Spring 2017 – Special

Call Us to Learn More Call Us to Learn More

CFI Academy is offering a guaranteed flat rate Certified Flight Instructor course for $5200, which includes the following –

  1. Unlimited Ground Instruction, including lesson plan preparation
  2. Unlimited Flight Instruction
  3. Unlimited Airplane rental
  4. Course Material – includes lesson plans and other reference materials

Duration of the course is 3 weeks (including checkride).

Other Expenses –

  1. On-campus student housing – $600/monthly
  2. DPE Fee – $600

To be a Fight Instructor, one needs to have the knowledge of the subject matter, and the ability to teach. We help you gain both, the knowledge, and the skill required to teach.

Preparing for the CFI checkride is nothing like your Private or Commercial checkride preparation. We understand the differences and can help you go through the process with confidence, leading to your success.

Offer Valid for April 17th and May 1st Enrollments.

How can we guarantee such low cost and flat rate CFI program?

Because we are so confident about our teaching ability, and our quality of training, and we know that with most applicants, we will not be losing money by offering such a low priced and fixed cost deal. Contact us ASAP to enroll!!

Guaranteed CFI for $5000Guaranteed CFI and CFII for $6000

Guaranteed CFI for $5000Guaranteed CFI and CFII for $6000

Flight Instructor (Initial) – Airplane Single EngineCFI Guaranteed

Enroll for Nov 14th or Dec 5th class start date – Cost $5000 (Fixed – GUARANTEED), and receive

  1. Unlimited Ground Instruction
  2. Unlimited Flight Instruction
  3. Unlimited Aircraft Rental
  4. Spin Training – Aircraft and Instruction
  5. Lesson Plans, Books, Supplies

Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) – for additional $1000

Pay $1000 extra – so a total of $6000 (Fixed), and receive the following

  1. Unlimited Ground Instruction
  2. Unlimited Flight Instruction
  3. Unlimited Aircraft Rental
  4. Lesson Plans, Books, Supplies

Course Duration

CFI Academy

CFI Academy

Flight Instructor (initial) ASE – 3 weeks – this includes the checkride

Both, CFI and CFII – 4 weeks – including BOTH checkrides


CFI – $5000

Both CFI and CFII – $6000

Additional Associated Costs

  1. On Campus Shared Housing – $600 (flat rate) – Regular price is $600/month
  2. DPE fee – $600 per checkride
  3. Your personal expenses for the month

Guarantee – If you FAIL the 1st attempt – We will PAY for your Retest!

More information available for our CFI course – Click Here.