Summer Specials at CFI Academy – 2017 (CFI, CFII, MEI, Multi, IR)

Flight Instructor (CFI) Airplane Single engine – $5,000 (3 weeks, INCLUDING checkride) (Aug 21st and Sep 4th class still has openings)

CFI ASE – July – 3 weeks

Instrument Instructor (CFII) Airplane – $2000 (3-4 days, INCLUDING checkride)

CFI+CFII combination – $6900 (3-4 weeks, INCLUDING both checkrides)

Commercial + CFI combination course – $5300 (3 weeks, INCLUDING both checkrides)

Multi add on + MEI – $8000 (7-8 days, including both checkrides)

Instrument Rating Airplane – $8000, (10 days, including checkride)

Housing – ON CAMPUS – Rental car – not required!

Contact us at 916-209-0234 or email – [email protected]

Author: Prince Singh

Prince has been a flight instructor for over 20 years, and has been teaching flight instructor applicants all this time. He is currently the chief flight instructor at CFI Academy. He also holds an Aircraft Mechanic's (A&P) certificate and Inspection Authorization.