Flat Rate – Flight Instructor (CFI) course – $5200

Spring 2017 – Special

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CFI Academy is offering a guaranteed flat rate Certified Flight Instructor course for $5200, which includes the following –

  1. Unlimited Ground Instruction, including lesson plan preparation
  2. Unlimited Flight Instruction
  3. Unlimited Airplane rental
  4. Course Material – includes lesson plans and other reference materials

Duration of the course is 3 weeks (including checkride).

Other Expenses –

  1. On-campus student housing – $600/monthly
  2. DPE Fee – $600

To be a Fight Instructor, one needs to have the knowledge of the subject matter, and the ability to teach. We help you gain both, the knowledge, and the skill required to teach.

Preparing for the CFI checkride is nothing like your Private or Commercial checkride preparation. We understand the differences and can help you go through the process with confidence, leading to your success.

Offer Valid for April 17th and May 1st Enrollments.

How can we guarantee such low cost and flat rate CFI program?

Because we are so confident about our teaching ability, and our quality of training, and we know that with most applicants, we will not be losing money by offering such a low priced and fixed cost deal. Contact us ASAP to enroll!!

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