Dear Prince,
I received the best training and support from you in my aviation career. I remember walking into your office on my first day without much of an idea of how this was going to go. I had left my family several thousands of miles away, left a career to start a new one and i was full of uncertainty. You gave me hope, confidence and showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. 7 months later i had finished my Private, Instrument, Commercial and CFI, CFII and got hired. The next year and a half taught me a lot about aviation and prepared me for life. I cannot thank You enough for the guidance and support. I would highly recommend Prince as a Instructor and mentor to anyone looking to make an aviation career.
Siddharth Srinivasan
Pilot-Colgan Air/Continental Connection

CFI CFII Sid now First Officer

  • admin

    Thanks Sid. You look happy in this pic, and seems like having fun. Stay in touch. All the best.

  • Ryan J. Shih

    Hi Prince –

    Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for the flying during my years after the Army and in law school. I remember walking into your office in San Jose looking for some flying and found a great organization. Your dedication to your students inspired me to pick up where I left off and get my CFI ratings in airplanes and helicopters. Best of luck,


  • admin

    And Ryan I am proud of you….cause I showed you the airplanes and you brought home airplanes and helicopters..way to go bud!