See and Avoid

This morning I met with the Sacramento FSDO’s FAA FAAST Team manager. He seemed really excited about the FAAST Team and it’s programs and agenda. And of course I was there to see him as I found myself really excited about their new website and the much awaited automation and multi-media support and training material available to the Flight Instructors and Pilots.
He mentioned something about “See and Avoid” concept. And like a ritual, I told him I knew about the concept, and am familiar with the AC, and I do include this in our training curricula here at the CFI Academy.
Later today, I decided to go visit the website again. And there on the right bottom corner, I saw this link saying “See and Avoid”. So I click on it – and there it was! An amazing, fully interactive, and seemingly real time map of the United States, with ALL of the Special Use AIRSPACE, and accident data and statistics.
Here is the link to the See and Avoid –

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