1st session Start Date – June 5th (3 weeks) Completion By June 25th

Flight Instructor Course

2nd session Start Date – June 19th (3 weeks) Completion By July 9th

Course duration is 3 weeks, and this INCLUDES the checkride (practical)

Housing is available on-campus, and a rental car is not necessary. Laundry, kitchen and a restaurant are available on-campus.

Course cost is approximately $4500, plus $600 housing and $600 DPE fee. Click here for CFI Course detailed information.

Guaranteed Rate – Fixed Price courses are available.

Class size is limited. No upfront deposit is required. Complete Application Form for enrollment.

Call us at 916 209 0234 or complete the contact form on the right to contact us for further details.

  • Lorin Henry

    I need to become a Light Sport Instructor. ASAP. The challenge is, a DPE who is 10 hrs. current in a Quicksilver MX II.

    • Or, maybe find a DPE of your choice, and let him/her fly around and get current in your Quicksilver. Usually, FAA looks at this as a conflict of interest, so maybe if the DPE pays for the usage/fuel, or, use someone else’s Quicksilver to get current. Just an idea. Another idea is, take a private pilot checkride in a cessna or something.