July 2017 Flight Instructor Course – $5,000

July 2017 Flight Instructor Course Schedule

July 3rd – July 21st OR July 17th – Aug 4th – 3 weeks from start till the CHECKRIDE!

CFI ASE – July – 3 weeks

Cost – $5,500 $5,000

Includes – Unlimited ground training, Spin training, 10 hours dual in a Piper Arrow, 2 hours solo for the checkride, Lesson plans and reference materials.

On-campus student housing – $500

DPE fee – $600

There is NO-WAIT period for the checkride! Train and take the checkride within the total 3 week period.

Application form – click and reserve your spot now.

Don’t have your Commercial Pilot yet – get it for FREE! Contact us at admin@cfiacademy or at 916-209-0234 for details.

Author: Prince Singh

Prince has been a flight instructor for over 20 years, and has been teaching flight instructor applicants all this time. He is currently the chief flight instructor at CFI Academy. He also holds an Aircraft Mechanic's (A&P) certificate and Inspection Authorization.