A friend recommended them for their CFI package to me. The program had a guaranteed price, which was so low, I found it hard to believe. The Chief Pilot, Prince, gave me two lessons before they would accept my payment for the course. He wanted to be sure I was happy with the instruction. Prince has written his own 300+page book that covers every aspect of what it takes to be a successful CFI. My lessons with him, involved me teaching him. We spent a couple of hours each time I had a lesson, where I would go over an aspect of flight and teach it to him. He would add additional information from his extensive experience as an aviator and as a NAFI Master CFI. You will also learn a bit about what is required to handle a flight school – managing aircraft, insurance, the FAA and instructors. The school has a very homey atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. During the week days it can be quite quiet, on the weekends quite busy. If you want to add a rating on and really learn the material, this is the school for you. I passed my CFI ride the first time, as did the candidate before me. I believe the CFI PTS has a national initial passing average of around 20%. Prince has been hitting a 100% over my time with him.
– Jason Venner