I am a CFI, but want an AGI

The question:
I already am a CFI, and I want to add an AGI certificate to my aviation credentials. What do I need to do?
Here is the answer:
If you already hold an FAA Flight Instructor certificate (CFI – ASE or AME), and you want to get an AGI now, all you need to do is follow these 3 steps:
Pass an aeronautical knowledge test – Advanced Ground Instructor or AGI
Take the result report to the local FAA FSDO, along with your CFI certificate (and completed FAA form 8710, or IACRA) – you may need to call ahead of time and set up an appointment.
Get your AGI temporary certificate and come back here and leave a comment about your overall experience.
Note: A DPE can issue you an AGI as well, but there will be a fee involved. FSDO is free.
So, this is the procedure for someone to add an AGI certificate to their aviation credentials when he/she already holds a CFI or Flight Instructor certificate. And for those who want to Why one should have a separate AGI certificate, you can read my post explaining the reasons.

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