Frequently asked questions


Do I need TSA clearance to attend CFI, CFII or MEI course?

TSA clearance is required for “Pilot” training courses. Flight Instructor is a separate certificate. So, no, TSA clearance is not required for any Flight Instructor rating; CFI, CFII or MEI.

For pilot certificates and ratings, TSA clearance is required for the following:

  • Initial pilot training, i.e. Student Pilot
  • Instrument Rating
  • Multi Engine Rating

Is there a dress code during attendance?

There is no specific dress code requirements while in attendance. There are some rules and some recommendations though:

  1. Casual attire during class sessions. On-campus housing does not necessarily mean that we can show up in “jammies”.
  2. During Flight Lessons – closed toe shoes are required. No sandals, no flip-flops.
  3. This part of California does warm up during the day. But as the sun goes down, it does get cold. So definitely bring a light jacket for summer months, and a warm one for the winter times.
  4. For checkride – casual is just fine. However, some prefer to dress-up, which is fine as well. No neck ties though.

What can you tell me about transportation from sacramento airport?

Sacramento to Lodi Airport is about 40 miles. Uber or Lyft is the best way to get to us. Usually the fare should be around $25.

There is a front gate (East) to the airport (facing the highway 99) which stays open during normal business hours. Come through this gate, drive straight through, down the taxiway to the last building on your right hand side.

If you are using a GPS, then it will bring you to the North gate, which can only open with a clicker.

After hours, both gates stay locked. Please contact us via email to get instructions for after-hours.

On-campus housing - what do i need to know?

Our building is custom built for our operation. There are 2 classrooms and 5 individual bedrooms. There are 2 large commercial style baths, and one of them has a washer and dryer installed.

Just bring in your own detergent, and toiletries.

The rooms have twin size beds, and a desk and a chair. There is storgae space for your groceries and clothing etc.

Bring your own linens. Maybe a bed-sheet, pillow cover, and a light weight blanket. It cools off here at nights in summer. For winter, maybe a little thicker blanket.

The building also comes with a large dorm style kitchen. There are couple full size refrigerators, electric stove, flat and toaster oven, utensils, etc.

Coffee is always complementary, and there are always some food items in the community food cabinet.

Charcoal BBQ grill is also available.

There is a subway and a corner breakfast/lunch joint across the street, and an airport restaurant that’s open for dinner as well.

What materials do I need for the CFI Initial course?

Here is a list of all the materials you will need to bring with you for the CFI Initial course –

  1. Airplane Flying Handbook
  2. Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
  3. Aviation Instructor’s Handbook
  4. FAR/AIM
  5. CFI PTS
  6. Private ACS
  7. Commercial ACS
  8. VFR Navigation charts for San Francisco area
  9. Chart Supplement (aka AFD)

All of the above publications should be current. You can go to FAA.gov and download them, as digital copies are acceptable. Or, you can purchase the hard copies either before you get here, or you can buy from Amazon. Amazon delivers here on site.

You do NOT need to bring any lesson plans or other reference materials. All that will be provided to you here.

And obviously, you won’t forget to bring your –

  1. Pilot certificate
  2. Medical certificate (minimum class III) – Basic Med is also acceptable
  3. Logbook – paper or digital
  4. State or Federal issued picture ID
  5. Both FOI and FIA written exam results in original (if already passed)

Can the CFI course be done in 2 weeks?

Yes! Our accelerated CFI course is in-fact a 2 weeks course. And the 3rd week is reserved for the CFI checkride. If you wish to simply get the sign-offs and take your checkride elsewhere (and we can assist you with this), then yes you can be done in 2 weeks.

Just know this though, the sign-off will be issued if and when you meet the minimum standards of the CFI PTS. Come prepared to work hard towards this and then it is totally do-able.

We strive to provide exceptional training; so you can be a successful and an effective instructor. Adequate training can be provided only after evaluation.