Aircraft Fleet

Cherokee and Arrow

Bringing in a good quality, well maintained and completely airworthy airplane for your checkride is a part of the checkride for a flight instructor applicant. We have a fleet of 3 Piper Arrows, 1 Cessna 152, 1 Cessna 172, and a Beechcraft Duchess.

 Our aircraft are strictly used for CFI training courses. This means they are never used for primary training of student pilots or private pilots. Most flights in our aircraft are either dual instruction or with an examiner on board for checkrides.
duchess and arrow
Duchess and Arrow

We utilize 3 Piper Arrows and Cessna 152 or a Cessna 172 aircraft for the CFI initial in ASE category, a Piper Warrior, Cessna 172  for the CFII course, and a Beechcraft Duchess for the multi engine instructor (MEI) course.

All aircraft are well maintained, properly equipped and well taken care of. We do not rent our airplanes to renter pilots.