FAA Knowledge Test Codes

FAA Knowledge Test Codes – what are these? Whenever we go take any FAA knowledge test, whether it is the FOI, FIA tests for the CFI initial, or the FII test for CFII, or instrument rating airplane test for instrument rating, or for this matter, any FAA knowledge test – we get a result sheet from the testing center provider. Irrespective of whether it is a pass or a fail – some where in the lower half of this result sheet there are a bunch of letter+digit codes. These codes indicate the respective subject matter area where we answered a question or more, incorrectly. One code could mean one question or more than one, or there could be more than one code for one incorrect answer.
Some FAA knowledge test questions are designed to check our knowledge in more than one area of operation.
Anyways, so what do we do with this? Well, match the codes with FAA Knowledge Test Codes (click to download), so you can decipher the areas of knowledge where you need some improvement. This Advisory Circular AC 60-25F, covers all the knowledge tests, from Private Pilot all the way through to ATP and CFI, CFII and MEI knowledge tests.

Author: Prince Singh

Prince has been a flight instructor for over 20 years, and has been teaching flight instructor applicants all this time. He is currently the chief flight instructor at CFI Academy. He also holds an Aircraft Mechanic's (A&P) certificate and Inspection Authorization.