Guaranteed Packages

We at CFI Academy take pride in our training programs. We do the best we can to provide you with the best possible training quality, so you can achieve the desired results as close as possible to the quoted course price and duration. However, sometimes we get applicants here who are either “rusty”, and have not flown recently, or simply were not trained to the standards commensurate with their pilot certification.

We are so confident that we can help you achieve your goals, and that our training programs are effective and cost efficient, that we can provide you with a GUARANTEED price option at a little extra cost. With the guaranteed package, you pay ONE price for the course, and have the peace of mind that your out of pocket cost will remain the same, irrespective of the actual training cost.

Unlimited Ground TrainingYES
Unlimited Flight TrainingYES
Unlimited Airplane RentalYES
Lesson Plans, Reference Materials, Books etcYES
On-Site Student HousingYES
Additional Training - in case of a failureYES
Additional DPE FeeYES
Food, Laundry Detergent, ToothpasteNO
Guaranteed Package NameOne Guaranteed Fixed Cost
CFI ASE (Initial issue)7000
CFII Airplane (Added Rating)3500
MEI (Added Rating) *4500
All 3 Ratings - CFI, CFII and MEI15000
Multi Engine Add on - Private or Commercial5000
Commercial Plus CFI ASE8660

*  For Guaranteed MEI Package, you must have 10 hour PIC MEL already. If not, we can provide the additional time at $300/hour