Commercial plus CFI Combination

Commercial plus CFI

CFI Academy has been offering the commercial plus CFI course since 2001. we probably were the pioneers of such a course. The idea behind this course is; as a Flight Instructor Airplane Single Engine (CFI), you are expected to be able to teach the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot courses. So, if you are ready to be a CFI, then you should not have any problem taking your Commercial Pilot checkride.

Once you enroll in our Commercial plus CFI course, we will train you to be a CFI. You will learn and practice to teach a Commercial Pilot applicant, both, in the classroom and in the airplane. You will learn how to perform and teach the Commercial maneuvers from the right seat. Once you are ready to be a CFI, we will send you out for a checkride with one of our Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE) for a Commercial Pilot checkride; and you will take this practical test from the right seat.

What this does is; one, you will be very well prepared (possibly, over-prepared) for your Commercial Pilot checkride, and two, this builds up confidence for the CFI checkride, as the CFI checkride will pretty much be a repeat of the Commercial checkride.

Another advantage – we do not charge extra for the Commercial Pilot training. Just pay us for CFI training, and get ready for Commercial Pilot at no extra cost. Just add another $360 to our CFI program cost, to cover for the 2 extra hours of airplane use for Commercial checkride.

If you are opting for our Guaranteed Package program, add this $360, plus another $700 for the extra DPE fee for the extra Commercial ride. Guaranteed Package – Commercial plus CFI adds up to $8660. *

Standard Commercial plus CFI ASE (Initial Issue) - Single Engine

Item DescriptionCost (Complex)Cost (Non-Complex)
Total Cost54304450
CFI plus Commercial Ground (upto 80 hours)20002000
Dual Right seat CFI training23001600
Rental (2 hours) for CFI ASE checkride360220
Spin Training - Cessna 172160160
Pre-Post briefings and Lesson plans, reference materials250250
Rental (2 hours) for Commercial Pilot checkride360220

* The assumption is that all the Commercial Pilot aeronautical experience requirements are already met before enrolling in this course. If one or more of the requirements are missing, then we can help you get those at additional cost. This course price is based on an assumption that you have met all other requirements, minus the 10 hours of complex required.