Expired CFI Reinstatement

CFI Reinstatement

An expired CFI can be reinstated by taking a practical test (checkride). The practical test can be for one of the existing ratings you hold on your expired Flight Instructor Certificate, or by adding a new rating altogether.

If you hold all 3 ratings on your CFI, then you can pick any one for reinstatement checkride; CFI ASE, CFII or MEI. CFII and MEI are usually the better options compared to CFI ASE.

Whether CFII and MEI, either way, the course takes about 3-4 days of training followed by the reinstatement checkride with one of our DPEs.

If you do not hold all 3 ratings on the expired CFI, then visit our CFI Courses page and pick one that is missing, and then train and test for that one, and upon completion, it will reinstate all the ratings on your CFI.

Rating to test inDays required for trainingCost
CFI - Single Engine102500

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Even if you are an airline pilot and have not flown a small airplane in a long while, we understand. We have worked with hundreds of pilots like yourself, and we know how to get this done painlessly. Contact us if you have any questions.