10 Day Instrument Rating

10 Day Intensive Instrument Rating!!
Get your Instrument Rating in 10 days – contact us for cost and scheduling.
Why settle for low? Call or EMail for a price quote and scheduling.

10 day instrument rating
What are the prerequisites?
Private pilot ASEL, 30 hours of PIC cross country time, valid medical and FAA Instrument Rating Airplane exam pass.
Do I need to already have high performance and complex endorsements?
No. You will get your high performance and complex endorsements at the completion of this course.
Is it even possible to get this done in 10 day? How?
A dedicated instructor will work with you from day one through day 10. 3 training flights during the day, and 2 classroom sessions per day. So, no, this is not an accelerated IR, but a very intensive instrument rating training, which involves total focus and commitment from your side.
How and when can I enroll?
Click here and SUBMIT the APPLICATION. Schedule the training 3-4 weeks ahead of time.
Where are you located?
Greater Sacramento area – Lodi Airport (1O3), CA.
20 miles south of Sacramento International and 10 miles north of Stockton, CA.
What if I want to use my own airplane for this
10 day IR course?

Bring in a healthy bird, and we are happy to fly with you in yours. Our instructors are qualified in most general aviation aircraft.