CFII as an Initial Issue Flight Instructor Certificate

Many a times we are asked by prospective flight instructor applicants if we provide the training for flight instructor instrument (CFII) as an initial issue.  The answer to this is “Yes we do”.

However, you should consider the fact that you may not be able to use this flight instructor certificate to provide much training to your students. Your training activity will be very limited, and you may not be able to teach anyone in any category or class of aircraft in flight! This is due to the recent re-wording of the FAR 61.195.

Instrument Instructor

14 CFR 61.195(b) – directs that a flight instructor may not conduct flight training in any aircraft for which he does not hold “a pilot certificate and flight instructor certificate with the applicable category and class rating…”

In other words, the flight instructor must have an ASE or an AME on his/her flight instructor certificate in addition to the ASEL and/or AMEL on his/her pilot certificate. Here is what the new revised 61.195(c), which became effective on October 21, 2009 says:

14 CFR 61.195(c) – states that a flight instructor who provides instrument training for the issuance of an instrument rating, a type rating not limited to VFR, or the instrument training required for commercial pilot and air transport pilot certificate must hold an instrument rating on his or her pilot certificate and flight instructor certificate that is appropriate to the category and class of aircraft used for the training provided.

So, the conclusion here is that yes, CFI Academy does train for CFII as an initial issue, and yes you can get a CFII as an initial issue, but consider the fact that you may not be able to use it in most cases for flight training. You will still need to get your CFI or MEI before you can start using your CFII initial issue for flight training.

 And Click here to download the FAA chief counsel’s legal interpretation about CFII teaching without a category or class rating.

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