CFI Reinstatement

You let your CFI expire?

Expired CFI – Reinstatement

A Flight Instructor certificate expires every 24 calendar months. There are many different methods available to renew an Unexpired Flight Instructor certificate. But once the certificate has already expired, then it needs to be reinstated.

The process of reinstatement involves taking a checkride with an FAA examiner. Written exam is not required.

If you had a CFI, CFII and MEI (all 3 ratings), then you can pick any ONE of the ratings and take a practical exam for it and this should result in complete reinstatement. If you did not have all 3 ratings, then consider adding the one that’s missing.

Choosing CFII or MEI is usually a better choice. They both can be completed in 3-4 days each. I’d also go and attend some FAA approved FIRC program. I personally have been using American Flyer’s online FIRC for about 20 years now. They have a lifetime renewal membership for cheap.

You should also visit FAA Safety website and go through the available online safety seminars.

Visit our CFI Reinstatement page, and enroll to get your’s reinstated.

And yes, it is 3-4 days of training even if you have not flown a small airplane in a while. We have been helping pilots get this taken care of for more than 2 decades now. We will help with making this process very easy for you.

CFI Endorsements required for CFI Checkride

Are you ready for your CFI checkride?

Has your Flight Instructor given you all the required logbook endorsements for your CFI (initial) checkride? Well, here is your chance to verify just that. You wouldn’t believe how many CFI applicants fail their CFI checkride in the first 10 minutes into it, just because their flight instructor failed to given them the proper logbook endorsements. And yes, the CFI applicant will fail the checkride if his/her flight instructor failed to do his/her job. You should also read more about the reasons why CFI applicants fail the CFI checkride.

Checkride Endorsements is a required Task in area of operation II, Technical Subject Areas – CFI PTS. And if your own endorsements are not correct, you have thereby already successfully demonstrated your deficiency in this area of operation.

CFI Checkride Endorsements
CFI Checkride Endorsements

List of CFI Endorsements required for a CFI Checkride

There are a total of 5 endorsements required for one to appear for the Certified Flight Instructor, Airplane Single Engine (initial issue) checkride:

  1. Fundamentals of instruction knowledge test
  2. Flight instructor ground and flight proficiency / practical test
  3. Endorsement for practical test prerequisites
  4. Spin training
  5. Certification from your Flight Instructor stating that he/she is qualified to teach first time CFI applicants

The FAA document to refer for the pilot endorsements is the FAA AC 61-65E. However, the endorsement # 3 and # 5 above are not listed in this Advisory Circular, and therefore are the most commonly missed endorsements. Here are the example wordings or statements for all these endorsements, with a brief description for each:

Fundamentals of instruction knowledge test

This endorsement states that your flight instructor has given you the required training on Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) as required by 14 CFR section 61.183(d) and section 61.185(a)(1).

I certify that (First name, MI, Last name) has received the required fundamentals of instruction training of section 61.185(a)(1).

Flight Instructor ground and flight proficiency / practical test

This endorsement states that your flight instructor has given you the required training, as per 14 CFR section 61.183(g) and section 61.187(a) and (b). This is for both aeronautical knowledge (ground) and Flight proficiency (flight training). One thing to note here is that make sure that you have a logbook record of each ground training session logged and properly signed.

I certify that (First name, MI, Last name) has received the required training of section 61.187(b). I have determined he/she is prepared for the CFI—(aircraft category and class) practical test.

Practical Test Pre-requisites

For all practical tests which require instructor endorsements, there has to be an endorsement certifying that the training time was received within the prescribed time as required by 14 CFR 61.39(a)(6).

I certify that (First name, MI, Last name) has received training time required within the preceding 60 days in preparation for the Flight Instructor (category and class) practical test and find him/her prepared for this test. He/she has demonstrated satisfactory knowledge of the subject areas found deficient on the (Name of Test) aeronautical knowledge test.

Stall and Spin Awareness Training (instructional level)

For applicants applying for a flight instructor certificate with airplane category rating, the applicant must have received a logbook endorsement that attests to satisfactory demonstration of instructional proficiency of stall awareness, spin entry, spins, and spin recovery procedures in airplanes. A logbook endorsement that attests to satisfactory demonstration of instructional proficiency of stall awareness, spin entry, spins, and spin recovery procedures is required for the initial flight instructor certificate, as required by 14 CFR 61.183(i)(1).

I certify that (First name, MI, Last name) has received the required training of section 61.183(i). I have determined that he/she is competent in instructional skills for training stall awareness, spin entry, spins, and spin recovery procedures.

Certification from your Flight Instructor stating that he/she is qualified to teach first time CFI applicants

This is the endorsement that is most commonly missed by flight and/or ground instructors signing off their CFI initial applicants. This endorsement is not listed in the AC 61-65E, but is required by 14 CFR 61.195(h).

I certify that I am qualified to teach first time flight instructor (category and class) applicants as required by 14 CFR 61.195(pick the relevant sub-part).

There are some other important things to keep in mind as well; complex airplane endorsement, ground training logged, flight training logged etc.

Remember, if your CFI endorsements are not proper or incomplete, YOU WILL fail your CFI checkride, period! So it is your responsibility as well to ensure that your flight and/or ground instructor has given you all and proper endorsements. If you have any doubts, or have any questions, post them here and we would be happy to answer.

CFI applicants who are taking their CFI initial checkride in a multi-engine airplane, they are required to have undergone Stall and Spin training as well, and have a logbook endorsement to prove the instructional proficiency in this area of operation.

Good luck on your CFI checkride!

Current AC as of May 2, 2018 – AC 61-65G

Accelerated CFI Program

The Accelerated CFI Training Course is a fast paced flight and ground training program where both the applicant and the assigned Flight Instructor dedicate their full time and effort towards the common goal: preparing the CFI applicant to achieve the required aeronautical experience and knowledge levels prescribed within the FARs and the CFI Practical Test Standards (PTS), in a shorter than normal period of time.

Accelerated CFI Course
Accelerated CFI

Assigned Instructor Responsibilities

The instructor assigned to teach the flight instructor applicant dedicates his or her entire work day (which is mostly 8-10 hours per day) instructing the applicant on required area of operations. This instructor is exclusively assigned to the training program and does not have any other obligations, students, or job duties. Here at CFI Academy, as we do not teach any other pilot courses, there are no distractions for us. This is one of the benefits of doing your CFI training at an exclusive flight instructor academy.

ACCELERATED CFI applicant Responsibilities

To achieve maximum benefit (which is shorter training duration in this case) the applicant has to dedicate his or her entire focus, dedication, and energy each day, and work very hard to learn everything necessary as quickly as possible. The instructor is capable to teaching only as fast as the student is capable to learning and retaining the knowledge. The pace of the accelerated program is heavily dependent on the applicant’s own progress.

The Objectives

Just to clarify something here with you, there are in fact 2 different objectives of the accelerated CFI training program:

  1. Achieve the aeronautical knowledge and skill levels prescribed for the issuance of an FAA Flight Instructor Certificate (FARs and PTS).
  2. And do all this as quickly as humanly possible.

If it were not an accelerated program, then there would be just one objective, the # 1 above. So, now you may realize that an accelerated CFI training program is in fact dual objective, thereby demands commitment from everyone involved, and deliberate effort.

What to Expect

The CFI aeronautical knowledge portion (ground training) can easily take about 60 hours, and the skill (flight) portion is about 10 hours flight time plus pre and post flight briefings. So we can easily assume 20 hours for the flight portion. This adds up to about 80 hours (remember, its not the hours, its the successful transfer of information from instructor to student) of hard work. And we do all this in 2 weeks. With discipline and focus, this is an achievable task, and has been done many a times by many applicants ahead of you.

What Not to Expect

CFI certificate comes with a lot of responsibilities. Teaching others how to fly is not only fun, but challenging as well. And if not done properly can lead to undesirable events (and FAA actions, or more). Therefore, do not expect to get a sign-off from your instructor at the end of 2 weeks just because you have completed the 2 weeks and we said it would be 2 weeks. Read the 2 objectives above again. And also do not expect any FAA inspector or DPE to write you a temporary CFI certificate as well, just because you spent 2 weeks here with us in Sacramento.

What Helps

Even though it is not a requirement, try to come over with your CFI knowledge tests pass – both the Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA) and the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI). This will definitely help reducing your workload and gain more in the 2 weeks. We will have extra time to spend on other areas where you can use some extra help. You may also want to consider showing up here the weekend before the course start date (course starts Mondays, you show up here the Fridays before) and go through our CFI knowledge test prep course. 3 intensive days of FIA and FOI preparation, and by Monday you will have both the exams out of the way.

If you decide to prepare for these 2 exams on your own, and take the actual tests here at our location, just let us know ahead of time so we can arrange all that for you. All in all, it really helps if you have the tests out of the way before we begin.

CFI Academy’s Flight Instructor Course (CFI)

CFI Course – New Lower Price – $4160

Piper Arrow
Complex Airplane

Effective April 19, 2018, a complex airplane is no longer a requirement for a Flight Instructor Airplane Single Engine (CFI) checkride. For Commercial, 10 hours of complex training is still required, but for checkride, you could use a non-complex airplane.

Hence, we have revised our CFI course pricing structure. Click here to see the new CFI course price breakdown.


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Dear past graduates and future applicants. Our website was hosted on for many years, until recently, when someone hacked their server. It has been about a week now since we have not been given access back to our hosting account.

We are working hard to get the entire website re-built from scratch. In the meantime, please feel free to call us or use the contact form to get detailed information for the courses you might be interested in.

Also, we would like to ensure each one of you, that no personal data was compromised. We have been using a secure server provided by third party customer management team – CFI Academy never receives your personal data on our hosting servers.

And, if you use a hosting provider for your websites, blogs etc, and use HOSTGATOR, we suggest make that change and take your business elsewhere.

Summer Specials at CFI Academy – 2017 (CFI, CFII, MEI, Multi, IR)

Flight Instructor (CFI) Airplane Single engine – $5,000 (3 weeks, INCLUDING checkride) (Aug 21st and Sep 4th class still has openings)

CFI ASE – July – 3 weeks

Instrument Instructor (CFII) Airplane – $2000 (3-4 days, INCLUDING checkride)

CFI+CFII combination – $6900 (3-4 weeks, INCLUDING both checkrides)

Commercial + CFI combination course – $5300 (3 weeks, INCLUDING both checkrides)

Multi add on + MEI – $8000 (7-8 days, including both checkrides)

Instrument Rating Airplane – $8000, (10 days, including checkride)

Housing – ON CAMPUS – Rental car – not required!

Contact us at 916-209-0234 or email – [email protected]

July 2017 Flight Instructor Course – $5,000

July 2017 Flight Instructor Course Schedule

July 3rd – July 21st OR July 17th – Aug 4th – 3 weeks from start till the CHECKRIDE!

CFI ASE – July – 3 weeks

Cost – $5,500 $5,000

Includes – Unlimited ground training, Spin training, 10 hours dual in a Piper Arrow, 2 hours solo for the checkride, Lesson plans and reference materials.

On-campus student housing – $500

DPE fee – $600

There is NO-WAIT period for the checkride! Train and take the checkride within the total 3 week period.

Application form – click and reserve your spot now.

Don’t have your Commercial Pilot yet – get it for FREE! Contact us at [email protected] or at 916-209-0234 for details.

Multi Engine Add on and MEI combination course

Multi- Engine add on course includes ground school and flight training. Multi-add on flight training can vary from anywhere between 5 hours to 10 hours dual. Other flight schools can take upto even 20-25 hours. At 10 hours of dual, you are looking at a flight training cost of $3000 ($300/hour), and possibly another $1000 for the ground school; totaling to about $4000.

Then, 15 hours PIC are needed to qualify for MEI. This is an additional cost of about $4500, plus ground training.

Considering, some people need more training time to get their multi-engine add on, we are offering (limited time only) both courses at a flat rate of $8,000.

This means, we will keep training you, ground and flight, until you get both the ME add on and the MEI ratings. On flat fixed cost for you. We are confident about our teaching skills, and this is why we can offer such a sweet deal.

Plan for a week to 10 days for both courses.

No cost for additional training, in case you do not pass on the first attempt! We do have an almost 100% passing score on our multi-engine courses.

On-Campus housing – Free

DPE fee – $600/checkride

June 2017 CFI Course Schedule

1st session Start Date – June 5th (3 weeks) Completion By June 25th

Flight Instructor Course

2nd session Start Date – June 19th (3 weeks) Completion By July 9th

Course duration is 3 weeks, and this INCLUDES the checkride (practical)

Housing is available on-campus, and a rental car is not necessary. Laundry, kitchen and a restaurant are available on-campus.

Course cost is approximately $4500, plus $600 housing and $600 DPE fee. Click here for CFI Course detailed information.

Guaranteed Rate – Fixed Price courses are available.

Class size is limited. No upfront deposit is required. Complete Application Form for enrollment.

Call us at 916 209 0234 or complete the contact form on the right to contact us for further details.