I am sure that we all know about the BasicMed regulations by now. At the bottom of this article, we have attached some PDF files that you can click, download and review.

BasicMed Approach

As it is applicable to what we do here at CFI Academy, here are a few clarifications.

Can I be on BasicMed and receive the training for a CFI certificate or rating? The answer is “Yes” you may.

How about for Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)? The answer is still a “Yes”.

Can I take my CFI, CFII or MEI checkride (practical test) with a BasicMed? “Yes” it is authorized for one to take a checkride with a BasicMed.

BasicMed Departure

How about teaching? Can I teach with a BasicMed, and be compensated? Isn’t the rule that BasicMed cannot be used for flights with compensation? Yes, it is the rule, one can not be a PIC on an aircraft which is flying for compensation with a BasicMed certificate. However, it has been FAA’s longtime ruling that the compensation for flight instruction is not for flying or piloting, but for instruction. So, yes, you can provide flight training or instruction and be compensated with a BasicMed.

Here is a link to the FAA’s Advisory Circular AC 68-1A

FAA put together a document – BasicMed FAQ.

AOPA put together a pretty good document, explaining all about the BasicMed, and it also has the instructions and forms for the pilot or airmen, and for the physician (Doctor).  Any State licenses Physician is authorized to sign off on the BasicMed application. Here is the link to the AOPABasicMed_Pilot_and_Physicians_Guide.

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