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3 Day MEI course

We have been teaching and helping current Flight Instructors add Multi-engine rating to their CFI certificate since 1998. Yes, 3 days is all that it takes for us to complete the course and get your checkride completed. In fact, we schedule the checkride with one of our dedicated DPEs ahead of time, so you don’t have to wait for a checkride upon course completion.

MEI Course

Advantages of training with us

  1.  Highly experienced instructors
  2. Lesson plans and training materials covered in the cost
  3. Short training duration – 3 days
  4. Pre-scheduled checkride
  5. On-campus housing – no transportation needed
  6. Beechcraft Duchess for training airplane
  7. Dedicated DPEs
  8. Excellent pass rate!

Check out the MEI course Page

Visit the MEI course page and get all the info

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