Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist, who published his book “Motivation and Personality” in 1954. One extraordinary thing about him, his book, and his study – he studied the top 1% of the creame-de-creame, like Albert Einstein, and not just the general population. His hierarchy, or graph of human needs, is tremendously important for us to understand, digest, and most importantly, put to work.

Humans are interesting “animals”. Our needs never really end. And all of us experience different kinds of needs at various parts of our lives. However, look at the bottom of this pyramid; those are the primary needs. Unless those needs are fulfilled, nothing else (including Facebook ;-)) matters. However, as soon as those needs are fulfilled, next levels kick in. 🙂

How this important for a Flight Instructor? Well, any CFI is a psychologist first. Understanding the psychological behavior, and  needs of your flight training students can empower you with an extremely effective tool, which can help with the transfer of knowledge from you to them. Individual evaluation of each student, their background, educational and life experiences, and goals and objectives can make a difference. During your training here at CFI Academy, your instructor will discuss and train you in this area. Remember, doing your CFI training with us is not simply to pass the checkride, but to get you ready for the real world of flight training.